Be visible on the Chinese market through digital marketing and sell

Emotion Digital is your one-stop-solution to connect with the largest and most promising market in the world thanks to explosive growth of middle class. Do you know that you can't just duplicate your marketing solutions and campaigns that you do in Western World? It would just fail.
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About Us

Emotion Digital marketing and consulting company to connect European customers to China market which is the largest and most promising in the world.

We are specialized in Chinese social media, WeChat in particular to make impact and develop business in China engaging 1 B Chinese consumers.

We fuel the growth of our European and Chinese customers in China, with the passion and ability to execute.

Our Main Services

Our core activity is digital marketing on Chinese social media for China market. We provide customized services and strategies for the Chinese market according to your resources and needs

Digital strategy roadmap and implementation

Your one-stop-solution to reach and engage with 1 B Chinese consumers on social media, WeChat in particular.

China business strategy - Branding

Understand cultural codes, anticipate challenges and accelerate the route to the Chinese market with the support of our experts

WeChat and other social media accounts management

Develop your branding and reputation in the Chinese market with your wechat account and other Chinese platorms through different digital marketing initiatives and campaigns

WeChat mini-programs

Together with our customers, we create specific projects to set up apps within the WeChat ecosystem to provide advanced features to users such as e-commerce, task management, personalized offers to customers…

Work with us

We are the digital silk road between Europe and China, providing the right services to sell, set up and grow your business in China

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What sets us apart?

Chinese Native

Together our local presence in Shanghai and Paris, most of the management and execution team are native Chinese with international western corporate experience. We understand Chinese consumer's mindset, behavior and culture.


With real working experience in digital marketing and understanding of the demands of international businesses as well as the subtleties of Chinese culture, we provide the right marketing solutions to execute your strategy


We collaborate with our customers to propose customized solutions. We work with selected partners on topics out of our core competencies.

Our company values

At the heart of Emotion Digital are the values that underpin how we do business. Our focus on customers creates a culture of accountability, team work and results

Let's work together


We are professional and we want to deliver to our customers right services.


We take time to exchange with our customers and develop proximity in our collaboration. We want to develop mutual trust.We are collaborative


Quality of our services is a must.

Social responsibility and sustainability

We want to develop long term collaboration with our customers to support their growth while respecting human being

Enter The Chinese Market The Right Way

Let us help you leverage WeChat ecosystem and other Chinese social media to build your brand presence, grow your fan base, develop social selling and e-commerce.

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